Theo-man A.

Papa Theo-man's Turkish Kitchen

Theo-man A. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

My cuisine is based on Turkish home cooking with modernised recipes. My food is mostly what I have learned from my mother and from my instructors in school.

Every dish on the menu is to share. We have two kids (3,5 and 5), they will be around until 8-8:30 pm. Guests can bring their own drinks. Bring containers and take all leftovers home!

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  1. NameTheo-man A.
  2. LocationHong KongNorth Point
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Turkish
  1. Guestsminimum: 4, maximum: 8
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesNo smoking. Dinner ends at 10:30 PM. Kids up to 15 yrs eat for free.
  1. Bio

    Why the name Papa Theo-man? Because I will only serve you food that is good enough for my two sons to eat!

    I am from Turkey! The land of great food and amazing home dinners! I studied Tourism and Hotel Management and worked in Service Industry for more than 20 years!

    I never worked in a professional kitchen but I managed few restaurants and F&B outlets in Turkey. I worked in Thailand, Dubai, Australia and China as well.

    Cooking is biggest passion and hobby of my life. I have been cooking for myself, friends and my family for many years. I pride myself in making everything by myself and from scratch; even the beef stock and tomato sauce that goes on top of your meatballs is personally made by me.

    Two years ago I started home cook business in China and now I moved to Hong Kong! It's time to invite Hong Kong to my dining table!

    Whatever I cook for you, rest assured that it will taste authentically and have you coming back for more!

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Value for money

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Bernice Y.

I have been to other Plate Culture dinners and Theo-man's was one of a kind!
He showed passion, knowledge and skills in bringing the most authentic flavors from Turkey to Hong Kong - quite certain that Theo-man and his family's place is THE best place for Turkish cuisine in all of Hong Kong.
Thanks for the great hospitality, our friends and I enjoyed the night very much and the great company of your beautiful family of four :)

Kenny C.

Theoman was a warm and gracious host, the food was delicious and plentiful! I particularly appreciate how he described how each dish was prepared. Well done! Would absolutely go back

Gavin C.

The food is delicious and authentic and the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. Highlights are definitely the chicken and the hummus, which is the best in Hong Kong. We will be going again and recommending friends to do the same!

Tim G.

Theoman is a multi-talented host, visit his private kitchen to find out more

Wendy C.

Great food, nice environment and an awesome host!

We were a party of 8 adults and 2 kids. Theo-man and his family made our experience memorable. The food was delicious, will definitely come back. Theo-man also has 2 kids, he made a special VIP table for kids only!! Thank you for a wonderful evening and will see you all again very soon!

Wesley M.

great dinner with Theo! nice chilled home setting with good chance to mingle with other guests. authentic food and also very cute kids
have been to two plate culture chefs and Theo's definitely the top so far

Mirjam R.

Theo-man is a great chef and introduced us to lots of different flavors from Turkey. We really enjoyed our dinner there!

Evelyn L.

It's a real pleasure eating at Theo's. You are welcomed into Theo and his family's home with the warmth of an old friend. The food he cooks is delicious and the portions, generous. I was trying to think of the dishes I would recommend and ended up listing everything in the meal! Suffice to say that I would (and have done) recommend the Papa Theo experience to my friends and will be back again!

Kayla C.

This is my second time to visit Theo papa kitchen. I brought along some of my new friends to share this experience. Chef Theo and his family were very welcoming as always. Dinner started with a brief introduction of the chef’s background and the charity behind this dinner. My friends and I felt very honored to be part of this meaningful dinner.

Food was top notch just like my first visit. My favorite of the night must be the roasted chicken which was well seasoned and tender. The evening ended with a cup of homemade coffee. My friends and I had a pleasant evening together. We all left happy and satisfied.

P.S. Remember to bring your lunch box for the leftovers!!

Hoi Yee Y.

If there is only one word to describe dining at Theo-Man's, it would be AUTHENTIC...for both the food and the host. If you are looking for quality and subtle flavours of home-cooking, Theo-Man's delicate flavours will not jump at you like the overly salted & sugary foods at restaurants under the neon lights but rather, they find their way to your undiscovered tastebuds.

Natalia M.

From preliminary logistics to meal service, the dining experience Papa Theo-Man provided was warm, welcoming, accommodating, professional and delicious!

Zarah C.

My friend and I had been craving for a good Turkish food (not the typical doner kebab or fried stuff) for a long time but couldn't find one. We've seen Plate Culture featuring ​Chef Papa Theo-man early this year and was only able to gather friends to try it on Boxing day.

Upon reading all the good feedback, it's definitely worth to try and it did live up to our expectations. Their place has such a homey feel that goes with the food! Chef is very friendly and introduced to us all the food. He explained to us each on of the dishes and mostly homemade and made from scratch. We were served with a generous portion, were actually quite full before the mains and dessert but it did not stop us from gorging the food! By the end of the night we still have some leftovers to doggy bag. :)

We tried the new lamb menu, everything was served beautifully. Our favorites are Homemade Turkish bread with cheese spread and white beans dip, Shreded Carrots with homade yoghurt (so refreshing), Lamb chops (very good, you can't taste the odd lamb scent), bulghur rice (everyone had 2-3rd serving - that's how yummy it was) and of course the dessert - blockbuster together with Turkish coffee.

Good job Chef! Can't wait to go back and try the chicken and meatballs!!!!

Klär L.

It's my first time trying PlateCulture and it's a fantastic experience! Delicious food, comfy setting, friendly chef who gave details on the dishes and how he prepared them. The ingredients he used were fresh and nice. The dishes were not only tasty but also healthy! There was a wide variety of food and it's good value for money. We could bring our own bottles. I and my friends had a great time. We were also given a lucky charm - Turkish evil eye. Sweet! 😃

Laurent Q.

Very nice evening at teo's and the kids. Wonderful Turkish food for a fantastic night. Highly recommended !

Charlene H.

This was such a wonderful evening! Teo was so thoughtful in cooking us a special vegan meal which was a challenge - but he rose to the occasion and totally delivered! It was really fresh and delicious. The variety was wonderful. We all were stuffed! Teo is a great and personable host!