Leung H.

Passionate & Perseverance Young Chef 熱情投入的年輕廚師

Leung H. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

This kitchen is found by a young food-loving chef. He does everything by himself, from setting up menus to purchasing and preparing ingredients to serving dishes and cleaning. The purpose of our young chef to establish this kitchen is not the money, yet it is to have the opportunity to experience something different than going to work. For instance, calculation of the cost, coordination of the menu, communication with the customers as well as understanding their needs. If you would like to support him, aside from sharing in Facebook, giving out opinions and criticisms while enjoying his food is a wonderful option.


  1. NameLeung H.
  2. LocationHong KongHang Hau
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Chinese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 10
  2. Mealsdinner
  3. House rulesI have two cats in my house and two dogs on the terrace. You are welcome to bring your own drinks. 屋內有兩貓,露台有兩狗歡迎自備飲料.
  1. Bio

    Leung studied from the Hong Kong Culinary Academy. He is adept at modern cooking, bringing a whole new experience as well as paying attention to the balance of diet and nutrition. In addition, he is very familiar with handling seafoods.
    Believe it or not, come over and try.

    zinc leune 係西廚學院出身,善於以現代手法煮食,帶給你飲食嘅新體驗,並會注重飲食均勻及營養。而且佢亦對於處理海鮮嘅手法好熟練。

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Eunice T.

My husband and I went there for our Valentine's dinner. We were impressed with the food and appreciated the passion of cooking for this young chef. Highly recommended, will definitely go again.

Candy L.

Cozy environment and friendly cat, food were good value for money, we had a great gathering there!

Agnes L.

I love here❤Their cat is so cute😍😍the menu great also👍  Really Really love the risotto. Is my first time to try seafood risotto. It is not fishy and very creamy😍😍and the texture is al dente😊   The medium rare scallop is juicy, he just sear and simple seasoning it. I love this young boy and i will come back soon 😍😍

Brian Y.

Is a good social experience!

Fishing L.

The first impression is : a large dining area .  When you come in, you will get your drink and some bread. Chef said that the bread is make by him. I was pleasantly surprised that he make the bread his-self for this price.
It is really money for value. I can feel how he love cooking. Form appetizer to desserts,he keep cooking, chatting and cleaning .Great young chef,keep in on!

Charmaine M.

He is a really nice guy👍. The meal was coming one by one and beyond my expectation . And the quality of food is value for money 😍. Push push push