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Piotr's Polish Kitchen

Piotr S. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Have you ever wondered what Polish food is like? Hearty and eclectic, this is what I like to describe it. Come, dine, have fun and tell me what you think!

I am a food lover from Poland living in Hong Kong for over 5 years. I want to share the best experience of home made polish dishes just the way my mother and grandmother prepared them. Being experimental by nature I like to add an extra Asian fusion twist to my dishes from time to time. Oh boy, my mother is so proud!

The food is prepared to share just the way we do it back home. It always includes a serving of pierogi (dumplings), slow cooked stew, a couple of side dishes originating from Polish, Russian, German and Jewish cuisines, homemade pickles and home baked bread, a yummy dessert and whatever I feel inspired to cook for you to enhance the experience.

Polish cuisine uses a lot of meats, veggies, milk, butter, cream, eggs to make dishes taste amazing however vegetarian and vegan menu are also available. In case you have dietary restrictions or any cravings let me know, and I will customize the menu for you! xx

Weather permitting there is rooftop dining available, this is usually with barbecue menu. Unless requested otherwise, I will be dining with you too.


  1. NamePiotr S.
  2. LocationHong KongTin Hau
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Polish, Russian
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 7
  2. MealsDinner, Brunch, Lunch
  3. House rulesUsually dinner has to finish by 10.30pm. Bring booze of your liking. Water is provided. Smokers welcome to use the rooftop. Other than that feel like home!
  1. Bio

    I have been living in HK for over 5 years and working in fine art field. In my free time I love to indulge myself with great food. I love a good movie, theatre play and dance show, pick up a good book to read and activities like traveling, beaching, hiking and yoga of course. Love making friends and spending long hours chatting over good home made food.

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Christina  T.

Piotr was an excellent host and chef! Friendly guy, good vibes. Very prompt and professional in communicating with us. Food was delicious, we were all so full afterwards. He also made a really good apple birthday cake for our friend and shared his homemade cherry vodka with us. The apartment itself was clean and tidy, but the only thing was it was a bit hot. The air con was on and he even gave us a fan already, so it was probably because it was mid-summer and just really hot outside that day. All in all, the food was great and we would definitely consider coming back!

Jessica A.

We had a wonderful time celebrating a birthday with friends at Piotr's house, sampling many delicious and attractively-presented dishes, all well-timed with the flow of the evening. Especially nice was the homemade pumpernickel bread, ice cream, and aged cherry vodka. Pitor is an excellent, amiable host with a comfortable and cozy apartment. There were several special touches throughout the evening, and he even packaged our leftover food for us to take home. Would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is curious to try Polish food and an intimate dining experience in Hong Kong.

Teresa S.

Everything's perfect! Makes sense that the minimum is four people, it's a lot of food and a lot of preparation required from Piotr. The place is absolutely neat and cozy, communication with the host is prompt and effective, place is easy to find, and the food and culture experience is exactly what I was hoping for, and more, from a private dining arrangement like this. Special thanks to the host for the +1 service for my 1.5-year-old, she believes she's made a new best friend with Piotr, and also a lovely apple pie from mama's recipe, still savoring the leftover today.

Lauren B.

Piotr was a wonderful host! He knew the right balance of guest engagement, had food timing perfect, and was very respectful about food preferences. Thank you!!

Keary B.

Great experience and host. Perfect!

Lian W.

I brought my two kids (4.5 and 7) along the grandparents for a mother’s day dinner. Chef Piotr was so accommodating, making sure the food was not spicy for the kids and low sodium for grandma. My kids felt very relaxed and got a chance to help shape the dumplings that they later are. We had the family style menu, and my kids enjoyed it, as with the adults since we have never had a chance to eat Polish food. My daughter told me she has dreams about going back to Piotr’s flat! 😆. If you want to try something new, meet a very great host, and will have kids along, I def. recommend this family friendly choice. My two kids shared one portion.

Kelvin C.

The 8 of us had an enjoyable meal at Piotr's cosy walkup apartment. First we gathered for a pre-meal drink on his rooftop while waiting for the stragglers to arrive. Then we headed downstairs to his place. He served us dishes that almost all of us had never eaten before, and I think the dumplings/pierogies were the favorite. And to accompany the meal, he also served us some flavored vodka shots, including a homemade cherry flavored one. If you're looking for something different from the usual Hong Kong chain restaurants, Piotr is definitely your guy!

Benita C.

Excellent menu with a tasting of all thing good about the Polish food. We particularly like the homemade Cherry vodka. The place is very neat and trendy. Highly recommended!

Joanna D.

An incredible experience to have a taste of polish food in Hong Kong. Piotr goes advice and beyond to ensure his guests walk away more than satisfied and very full. Ruskie Pierogi have always been my favorite polish dish and Piotr does not disappoint.

Lauren C.

Amazing! Thank you so much Piotr! the food was delicious, particularly the Hunters Chicken and the crumble. We felt really welcome and the rooftop was an added bonus afterwards. Would and have highly recommended!!! Thanks!!!

Teresa C.

Fantastic evening! Pitor is a great host and the place was very cozy. Food was delicious - Pitor had also prepared a Polish soup especially for us that we had been craving since our last trip to Poland! Everything was beautifully presented. We had an amazing time - thanks Pitor!

Jeffrey C.

Great experience with the nice couple. Good use of ingredients , fresh and interesting Polish food.

Enjoy the chats and trying out the Polish Liquor.

Would strongly recommend one to try out the best Polish food in town :)

Sarah C.

Wonderful welcome chez Piotr! Delicious ,interesting food. relaxed setting, spacious rooftop. Definitely makes me want to visit Poland>

Don P.

Great experience. Poitr I wonder if you would consider selling me the pumpernickel bread on a regular basis. If so please get in touch. Don

Reply from  Hi Don, I'm glad you enjoyed the pumpernickel bread. Please drop me a message and we can talk more. Cheers

Ko T.

We are a party of 5 and went to Piotr's private kitchen tonight for dinner. The experience was a complete blast with the food being authentic Polish (! Rare in HK), the environment being cozy and above all, our host Piotr was amazing! He not only was warm and friendly, but also has deep knowledge of Polish/ Russian culture- he basically answered all of our questions and took the whole dining experience to another (better) level. We would recommend Piotr's private kitchen to any one of our friends!