Arnaz Saliza T.

Poor Man's Meal

Arnaz Saliza T. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

We serve dinner for maximum 6 person.


Starter : Kuih Cara

Main Meal : Poor Man's fried rice and Garlic bread served with Beggar's Chicken, Claypot Beef Soup and Siakap Fish wrapped in Banana Leaf

Poor Man's fried rice is a simple fried rice with just shallots and eggs.

Beggar's Chicken a.k.a Nazvilla Underground Chicken is our Signature dish. It is one whole chicken stuffed with grapes, apples and some vegetables. It is baked for three hours under the ground in our Earth Oven at Nazvilla Cottage Sepang.

Claypot Beef Soup ~ It is beef cooked in a claypot with onions, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, seasoning and bird's eye chilies. The beef soup is broiled for almost 6 hours.

Siakap wrapped in banana leaf ~ one whole Siakap fish wrapped with banana leaf and baked with soya sauce and chilies.

Dessert : Tapioca with Sambal and Sugar

Drinks : Mint Tea will be served during Starter. Lemonade will be served during Main Meal. Village Coffee will be served during Dessert.


  1. NameArnaz Saliza T.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSepang
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Tia Lisa speaks baby language too :)
  1. GuestsMaximum 6
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesSmoking is allowed at the designated smoking area. Please do not bring outside food and drinks as we hope to fulfil your eating and drinking needs at Nazvilla Cottage Sepang
  1. Bio


    We are Arnaz & Saliza with our little baby Tia Lisa. Currently we are a full time host and hostesses for Nazvilla Cottage Sepang, hosting guests from all around the world at our little bed and breakfast, the "Lil' Nazvilla Art House by the Lake" , only via airbnb.

    For us, cooking is a necessity for living and our way of life.

    When we were poor before, we can't afford to go out often to taste good food, so we learned how to cook food from any resources we could find. Our cooking were mostly from what ever stuff we can find in the kitchen or around the house. Since then, we try to grow some of the ingredients we use for our food and drinks.

    We found out that the natives around the world, including our country Malaysia has been baking food in the earth for ages and the food taste great. We started to learn about cooking meat under the earth and started our Nazvilla Underground Chicken almost 3 years ago.

    The lengthy process of finding woods, starting the fire, waiting for the fire to collapse and baking the chicken using the trapped heat from the coal, bricks and earth for 3 hours, paid off when we saw the excitement of our guests looking at us during the process of unearthing the chicken from the oven.

    We can't tell you that it will taste great, but the taste will be a journey of its own.

    Normally our mama and papa will be there to greet you too, as they are the proud host and hostess of Nazvilla Cottage Sepang.

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