Kanchan P.

Raw Asia: The Modern Origins

Kanchan P. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Namaste. Hola. My name is Kanch, and on the table you'll find a modern raw vegan asian fusion experience.

My aim is to show people that raw vegan can be filling and really delicious at the same time. For the fresh ingredients, my motto is to source as much locally as I can. Not only does this reduce carbon footprint but also helps local mom and pop stores.

In raw food there is are a lot of nuts used and all that I source are organic and raw. The idea is to eat better, the better you eat the better you think.

Some menus includes organic, sulphate free wine and a few surprises along the way.

Located in the mid-levels and the room's definitely got a view.


  1. NameKanchan P.
  2. LocationHong KongMid-Levels
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Hindi and a bit of Spanish
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 12
  2. MealsDinner, Brunch
  3. House rulesWe are a smoke free table
  1. Bio

    Namaste. Hola. My name is Kanch, born to Indian parents I grew up in an aromatic kitchen where my mother’s spice dabba was her pot of gold and every meal she was the alchemist. Fast forward 30 years later I fell in love and married a Catalan Spanish from Barcelona whose monthly highlight are the parcels from his mother- filled boxes of pimenton, noras and a monthly supply of jamon just so he can cook up a meal.

    This brings us to now....I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and putting together flavours and spices, in a raw vegan kinda-a-way.

    My aim is to show people that raw vegan can be filling and really delicious at the same time. For the fresh ingredients, my motto is to source as much locally as I can.

    In raw food there is are a lot of nuts used and all that I source are organic and raw. The idea is to eat better, the better you eat the better you think.

    Some of the menu's include wine and a few surprises along the way.

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Value for money

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Sarah M.

Potentially the best meal I have had this year. Kanch's apartment is beautiful and the time, effort and thoughtfulness that has gone in to the food is amazing. A real treat of an evening. I can't wait to go back.

Nomita H.

From the food to the layout and ambience, everything was impeccable! Every dish was very unique, enticing and tasty. My favourite was the masala cheese plate, the flavours literally numbed my tastebuds. Chef Kanchan's exposure, creativity and perfection reflected in each dish. If your looking for something at another level I would highly recommend you trying this out!

Rowena G.

Kanch's creative dinner was like a bouquet of colours, subtle spices, a variety of textures from the cashew cheese to the chia crackers, jellies and sauces. Kanch explained every meal and somehow managed to find time to chat with everyone while at the same time preparing and servicing all the dishes. Every dish was so unbelievably raw and vegan.
Thank you Kanch for hosting a heart warming private dinner to connect beautiful women entrepreneurs. I was so impressed with how you personalized every plate with love. The food was out of this world I never knew that my favourite cheese would be made out of cashews.
I can't wait to come again!!!

Dervla M.

Finding delicious raw vegan food in Hong Kong can be tricky as there are only a handful of great restaurants in this arena. Kanchan's restaurant offers beautifully presented and tasty raw vegan food served in a friendly and cosy setting that is relaxed but very professional. I've been twice already since she opened a few weeks ago and will be back for more soon. Excellent!

Hannah R.

It was my first time attending a private kitchen. From the service and creativity of the menu, I am happy to say it was excellent and I had a wonderful time.

Hayley L.

Excellent, flavourful food with a warm ambience. Loved this dinner!

Karen L.

Fantastic food and atmosphere. I will definitely be back !

Teresa N.

The dinner created and hosted by Chef Kanch was superb. While I don't eat meat or poultry, I had no idea that her Raw Vegan Asian Inspired food could be so beautiful, varied, delicious and filling! This is no plate of raw carrots and cauliflower!! The cheese platter, made from cashew nuts had the creamy texture of a soft, creamed cheese and the flavour combinations and home made raw crackers were just the start to course after course of an inspired, whimsical evening of culinary surprises. The Spanish wine we had on the night was another plus. We finished off the evening with her vegan chili chocolate and coconut almond tea. The atmosphere in Kanchan's home is warm and welcoming and the spectacular harbour views are the vegan icing on the raw cake! Then there is Kanchan who introduces each course as it is served and is happy to answer any questions about her unique approach throughout the evening - stunning, friendly, knowledgable, talented - a true artist. As you can see... I'm a fan and have already shared about the event with my business partner. We're planning to do a lunch with Kanch for our clients. I can't think of a more unique and satisfying experience to share with them.

Alison T.

Delicious and such a welcoming environment. All the dishes were creative and beautiful.

Dawn A.

I've never had a completely raw vegan meal before so this dinner was very interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to find everything filling, flavorful and something I can imagine eating again. I especially loved the masala cheese plate with homemade crackers and dehydrated pineapple, as well as the chai semifreddo with coffee-infused almond brittle and fennel berries.

Rossana L.

Kanch is a culinary creative whose warmth and care in taking care of her guests is evident from the moment you step foot inside her home. From starters all the way through the final farewells, she gently explained each dish. We feasted on numerous textures and flavours that were delightful to the senses with the benefit of having nutritional benefits. The Kimchi dumplings, "cheese" with a kick atop dried pineapple, Almond Chili Noodles, chocolate ganache cake were just some of my favourites. I very much look forward to my next culinary adventure with Kanch and Raw Asia!

Karolina V.

Fantastic raw food by a new bed in town Kanchan. I have been interested and trying to cook some raw cuisineyalef so it was a great experience to eat it at professional chef home.
Her cheeses were simply amazing and kimchi dumping heavenly! We enjoyed organic wines and also rest of the dishes were brilliant. It's very innovative and inspiring to see all this fantastic food that can be wiped out in the "normal" kitchen. Do go and judge for yourself - raw food rocks and you would never say it's raw!