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ShunYan C. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

No Processed Food, Natural ingredients only, Healthy eating but delicious.

I believe food is a medium for transferring love.


  1. NameShunYan C.
  2. LocationHong KongMong Kong
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesWe welcome the guests worldwide and everyone could treat the others in the event with courtesy. Dinner table will be set up in the dining room and you are welcomed to bring your own bottle of wine
  1. Bio

    Secret recipe learned from my Grandmother, who is the Master Chef mixed the Chinese and Japanese food cooking style perfectly. I learned the Western scientific way of cooking from the courses at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris which nurtured my inspiration of fusion cooking in the healthy style. All of the ingredients are sourced by me in the market to make sure they are fresh, natural with the highest nutrition value

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Value for money

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AdRian T.

ShunYan Kitchen is attentive and close. Chef ShunYan helped me to organize a special dinner night for my wife birthday! Her communication is prompt and detailed. She even let our puppy to join the dinner at her place! We had a lovely dinner and nice chat with her! Her sea urchin rice is so yum and the Japanese seafood soup is a must-try! Definitely will book again and recommend all foodies to try!

Tina W.

Shun Yan is really friendly chef , my husband and I enjoyed it very much , her food is fresh , healthy without oily and chemical used. Specially her green curry ! Yummy It was good to met other English guests and had a nice talk.
Thank you for cook with heart !

Howard Y.

I came with my date on Valentine's Day and had the VDay special menu — world class cookery skills, top quality food & ingredients sourced one by one from global suppliers directly (not supermarket standard), excellent attitude.

I feel like just the food itself deserved every dollar I paid, let alone the romantic setting and how ShunYan was sweet enough to ask beforehand our preferences as well as offering to teach us how to make a simple dessert for each other before the dinner (optional).

Originally I'm honestly not a fan of urchin and tuna, but I still loved the urchin-tuna-avocado-rice that ShunYan made and that's actually very impressive.

Would recommend everyone to come try it out!

Ivy K.

The dishes are quite healthy, not oily or fatty, mainly fresh seafood with special signature dishes ,like sea cucumber and sea shell.
Carrots and seaweed 's taste are really match with the miso . The halibut is the most recommended dish and I enjoyed really much !

Anson S.

好好味~ 一路食一路同主廚傾偈好特別,主廚又靚女又煮得好味
個raindrop cake好靚好靚,唔捨得食

Moss Y.


Jeff T.

Shun Yan is a masterchef, enjoy chatting with her and sharing her cooking journey. From Chinese, Japanese and South East Asia cuisine to Western food, Shun Yan is really an all round chef. The appetizer is great and the fish is very tasty.

Janice  Y.

我好鍾意個海膽 同比目魚,主廚話係加拿大新鮮飛機貨,比目魚就係歐洲格陵蘭海域的, 有幸食左個情人節試餐,因為係私人平台,感覺係我地呢pair情侶二人包場一樣!真係傳統歐洲式長檯Candle night dinner 果種,好開心😍😍 而菜式係日本fusion 菜,加歐洲浪漫燭光晚餐feel。 值得推介! 海蔘、自製水信玄餅都好有特色同好味

Mia C.



Copy 低中文菜單比大家--情人節rooftop 套餐菜單:法國藍帶fusion 日本新派菜roof top 平台浪漫燭光晚餐。飯前有情侶共同自製(包保成功)櫻花水信玄餅工作坊(20分鐘)做甜品,綠茶冰鎮櫻桃番茄、主菜有日式自家製檸檬昆布鰹魚醬焗比目魚、爆丼海膽牛油果海苔五穀拌飯、茶樹菰甘筍鮮熬海苔花膠海蔘麵豉湯、日本檸檬蜜櫻花水信玄餅,櫻花清酒,$840, 加$50送玫瑰花一支

Philip N.

Friend 生日,試左呢個女仔既日式自家製檸檬昆布鰹魚醬焗比目魚,條魚超滑、火候剛剛好!自家調配麵豉湯烏冬,都算足料,可選海蔘或花膠做主菜,全部大大舊,有甘筍、茶樹菰、海苔一齊鮮熬既魚湯底,烏冬彈牙,私房菜地方在旺角算就腳,湯、前菜、main course、甜品、加埋$300,一行8人都食得高興,值得推介!

Sk  L.

Overall experience is excellent. Friendly and thorough communication since the start. Food itself is great too, which I enjoyed it so much it's also value for the money. Cleanliness is a very important factor for me for food and I have no problem with it at all in here. Will definitely refer my friends and come again soon!

Rex S.

ShunYan's Japanese Fusion food is really yummy and delicious! Last time 7 friends of mine and me went to her private kitchen to celebrate my birthday. She hosted us with the warm atmosphere, took care of our needs throughout the whole night, always with a smile on her face. She shared her experience of studying in Paris and her vision in the food industry during the night.

Her sea cucumber miso soup is a master piece. The sea cucumber was with nice tenderness and mixed with the Tuna's taste perfectly. I Love the Urchin Poke, super fresh with the taste of the sea. We had a really wonderful birthday celebration at her place.