Sandy K.

TABLE - Chef Sandy's Private Seafood Restaurant

Sandy K. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Slightly different to the usual home dining concept, Chef Sandy brings you "Ingredient Based Cuisine" in a fine dining "upstairs" private kitchen located in the heart of Sheung Wan.

Not restricting by traditional geographical cuisine, Chef Sandy has the free hand to decide the best preparation method that suits a particular ingredient.

Food preparation style range from French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Specializes in seafood, fresh seafood are prepared so the main ingredients are allowed to come through, not covered or over powered by sauces or spices.

This is an experience for professionally prepared dishes with highly personal touch by Chef Sandy.


  1. NameSandy K.
  2. LocationHong KongSheung Wan
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Mandarin
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 40
  2. MealsDinner, Lunch OR Saturday Brunch
  3. House rulesPets, smokes not allowed. Standard corkage: $200/bottle or buy 1 bottle free 1 corkage. No Cake cutting fees.
  1. Bio

    Ex-CFO, ex-hedge-fund manager, now executive owner chef with a fine dining western seafood restaurant and four Cantonese BBQ (Siu mei) restaurants. Chef Sandy's passion for food and the cross-over experiences to becoming a restaurateur is happily shared with diners over dinner.

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Ram R.

Was an unbelievable experience. Chef Sandy was at her brilliant best - not just the food but the entire experience. From the time we entered, to the time we left, we were look after.
Personalised attention without a hint of intrusiveness.
And the food was brilliant !!! Well done Chef. Look forward to coming back soon.

Ada C.

If you are looking for the best ingredients with a twist in traditional cooking, and "don't mind" having nice surprises, this is the place to be! Chef Sandy is also very friendly and knowledgeable. Love it!

Vincent C.

The 6-course dinner provided enough variety of taste enjoyment. The lobster expresso was impressive. My wife and I enjoy the dinner very much.

lai nig c.

delicious food , thank you Sandy

Mila B.

We had a great evening!
All the staff was very nice with our group. Sandy is a lovely person!
Thank you!

Julienne R.

The food was generally good, but for what we were paying (and we had to pay 150+ each on top for drinks) - I might hold back on recommending in terms of value for money. The lobster pasta was my favourite. The servers could also learn to present each dish properly and know what's on it... champagne was served as if it were white wine? Given the big number of our party and the quality of the wine it would have been nice if they withheld corkage.

Ruby T.

It was a very pleasant evening and the five of us having a girls night out enjoyed it. The ambiance was elegant and quiet. Didn't realise it was actually a nice proper restaurant but only two other people were there. We had the Ocean set which consists of 5 courses of seafood including the complimentary dessert. They were all delicious enough, in particular the seafood longjing tea soup. But I am sure that if chef Sandy was there herself, it would have been much better, especially the main course of lobster tagliolini. She advised at 6 pm that she was sick and the 7.30 meal would be prepared by the sous chef. Quite worrying since private dining depends so much on the chef. She offered to waive corkage on one bottle but when the bill came, it was included and I had to remind the nice waitress of the offer which spoils the goodwill a bit. I think we will go again to try Sandy's cooking!

Nic C.

Great atmosphere and great food. Well executed and thought out. Favour pairings made sense and there wasn't anything on the plate just for the sake of being on the plate. A few of the dishes were some of the best dishes I've have all year. I would highly recommend. I myself plan on origanizing a large party there in the months to come.

For the sake of being balanced, I would say some of the frezee sides could use a bit more of a dynamic dressing. A few dishes could use a touch of acid. For the staff, they were top notch. They could however know a few more details about the items on the plate.

Anna  v.

We celebrated a fantastic birthday dinner, Sandy was incredible host, super cooperative in the planing, a amazing cook. She is a great person and we will definitely come back.

Ginny  Y.

First time to try. Love the food, especially the lobster espresso and angel hair. Very fulfilling . For sure, will try Sandy's BBQ pork... can't wait for it!

Ali L.

A great meal, OCEAN menu, out of my expectation, really fresh. The soup is the highlight, light seafood broth.
Friendly and sincere Sandy... despite having the parents with her, super attentive to our table serving, this made me feel bad. She should spend more time with other table guests. Truly appreciate it

Nelson L.

Very delicious food and the chef very nice. I will come again in the coming future.

Caroline Y.

The food was incredible, we've been previously to Table but the Autumn menu we chose this time was particularly good, especially in terms of value for money. The Dragon Well Tea Soup was one of my favourite dishes, rich seafood broth with a tinge of bitterness at the end. Sandy was a lovely chef and the atmosphere of the restaurant was classy, yet intimate enough for a quiet night out with friends. Thank you for the great experience!

Andy C.

Food was superb and Sandy is a fantastic and friendly host.

Chris N.

Both Sandy's well-thought out menu and hospitality were second to none, we are already planning out next visit.