Teles J.

Teles Brazilian Northeastern Kitchen

Teles J. from Brazil


About the kitchen

Authentic northeastern brazilian food! I'm a cook in training, but I have been cooking since always and learned the trade, mostly, from the women in my family.
Here you can eat from meat to shrimp, just choose with previous notice and we'll sort it out. I cook the food that people from the northeast enjoy most frequently.
My home is very simple and in a very suburban neighborhood, located in Natal, Rio Grande do Note, near the North zone of the city. You'll eat in my backyard (under the stars if it's not raining and depending of the time you choose), enjoy some appetizers, a shot of cachaça (at the beginning or end of the meal) and, if you let me, I would like to seat and share some travelers stories with you.
Hope I can be part of your trip and memories!


  1. NameTeles J.
  2. LocationBrazilNatal
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 6
  2. MealsLunch and Dinner
  3. House rulesNo smoking, no drugs allowed. Wine and beer are allowed, but not in huge amounts. The house has pets and you may pet them. If you have any allergies, please tell me in advance
  1. Bio

    I'm a born and raised "Potiguar" wich is an indigenous word for "shrimp eater". I'm graduated in Business, I've worked twice in the US at the Walt Disney World Resort and I love southern US food.
    I love music, reading, watching series and documentaries (specially about food).
    I spend most of my time cooking or planning foodie trips with my girlfriend.
    I hope to one day become a 3 star michelin chef, but until then I just wanna make sure that my food is amazing and that I can make a living out of it.

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