Sunshine F.

The Culture Club presents: Sharing Food. Sharing Stories.

Sunshine F. from United States


About the kitchen

My specialties are informed by my multicultural family and my time as a professional chef.

Thai - Taught to me by my Aunt who is Thai and her husband who lived in Thailand.

Korean - Family friends taught us how to make kimchi and the exciting world of hotpots and banchan when I was young and that was just the beginning of the journey. I eventually went on the work at Momofuku Noodle Bar and was their first pastry chef.

Italian - My grandfather, cousins and extended family have hosted our giant family get togethers all my life.

Spain - As a professional chef, my inspiration and mentors have taught me the way of rustic meets molecular gastronomy.

Japanese - Another professional journey that began in childhood.
I offer Ramen on Wednesdays.

Located near the vibrant and creative neighborhood of Nulu. My industrial loft apartment full of plants feels like dining in a secret garden.


  1. NameSunshine F.
  2. LocationUnited StatesLouisville
  3. LanguagesEnglish
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 7
  2. MealsDinner, Brunch
  3. House rulesMy cohost, Vivianne (a lovely little tabby) has requested there be no smoking. I'd love to suggest some drink pairings if you're interested in bringing your own.
  1. Bio

    Sharing food. Sharing stories.

    Most of my 17 years as a professional cook have been spent learning from master chefs in varied cuisines in NYC. I'm now in Louisville, KY enjoying what this city has to offer.

    My multi-cultural background inspires me to share my stories through food and compels me to learn about other's culture, food, and stories. Some of my specialties are Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Middle Eastern.

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