Amelia M.

The Wokabout - Oaxaca,Cuba,New Orleans,Vietnam,Chiangmai

Amelia M. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Please book 3 days beforehand for best flavors!
I sloo-ooo-oow cook authentic dishes learnt from local chefs and home cooks round the world, at small, quiet house in Stanley.
I use imported ingredients - sometimes hand carried myself from far flung countries - or the freshest, quality imported. Honored guests can enjoy a garden environment, peaceful living and dining spaces.


  1. NameAmelia M.
  2. LocationHong KongStanley
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Malay, my Cantonese is that of a 5-year old!
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesWelcome to BYOB; but no smoking please.
  1. Bio

    I love soul and street food from around the world - intensely flavored dishes made with generosity of spirit and appreciation of cultures.
    I've roasted a whole pig over coals with a Havana landlord, stir fried with street cooks in Chiangmai and Hochiminh, made tortillas by hand at an art curator's home in Mexico City and ceviche in Peruvian kitchens. I've also lived with locals and taken classes in Oaxaca, New Orleans, Madrid, Lima, north (Rome,Tuscany) and east (Pesaro) Italy, Lisbon, Istanbul and Selcuk (Turkey) and Vancouver.
    I've made the BEST friends through cooking, eating and drinking with locals everywhere - so most of my dishes have affectionate stories. Being Malaysian means appreciating intense but also honest, balanced flavors and respecting the ingredients.
    Welcome to my new home in Stanley - hope to see you here...

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Value for money

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sook hyung p.

If there were Michelin star could be awarded, then Amelia's would be the one of the Plate culture hosts to receive the star.
She is a great host who cares about her guest well-being; she offers the best quality of food ingredient she can possibly source, shares her knowledge and provides the place almost feel like a dining room at an exotic resort. It is such a perfect place to celebrate happy moments with my beloved people.

Jennifer C.

We had a really wonderful birthday dinner at Amelia’s, and were extremely happy with the food, cosy atmosphere, and her passion for cooking. We would definitely book another meal with her again!

caris w.

Amelia is a wonderful host. She's been very responsive throughout the process. Her place was impeccable, Amelia spent time walking us through the context and background of the menu, some of us loved to cook so we talked in depth about where to get ingredients, exchanged travel stories etc. The food was amazing, the turbot was extremely fresh and done to perfection. Portions were very generous (we felt bad not able to finish all). It's our first Plate Culture experience and it's been wonderful. Highly recommended if you are lucky enough to catch Amelia between her travels! Would love to go back to try her other menus!

Marius W.

We had the most wonderful evening with Amelia. The food (Oxaca menu with some customisation) exceeded all our expectations. The food had a 'twist' and very special taste you would not get in any restaurant - from the freshly imported fish, herbs and spices. Amelia is a total foodie that puts a lot of love in the food and guest experience. She even served as the remainder of her cake. It felt like eating at home with friends. Everything was perfect.

Gaeyoung L.

Amelia is a wonderful host, very kind and great cook. Her house is clean and spacious, food was really delicious and healthy. I highly recommend her.

Cassie N.

It is our second Plateculture experience with Amelia and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We love the food and the portions are so generous! And Amelia is such a great host and so accommodating for our late dinner start! We highly recommend dining with Amelia!

Pinhui C.

We had a wonderful night at Amelia’s house with warm ambience, good music and delicious food! Amelia is super nice and accommodative and we would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants a special night!

Catherine H.

Wonderful evening at Amelia's home. We had the Oaxaca menu and not only was everything delicious, but we also really enjoyed Amelia's stories of her many foody travels including to Oaxaca. She was a fantastic host who is clearly very passionate about food and cooking. We all enjoyed it so much and would love to come again to try another of her menus. Thank you!

Beverly L.

A very unique and cosy private dining experience indeed!

We tried the Chiangmai menu. Amelia is a very friendly, thoughtful and passionate chef/host. Most of the dishes are oil-free, but tremendously delicious! The choice of ingredients are thoughtful and creative. The ambience is cosy and comfortable. There are lots of interesting stories to hear from the adventurous chef as well!

It was a sensational experience. We will be back to try out the other menus for sure!

sook hyung p.

Amelia has perfected the art of combining fresh ingredients & spices to come up with a most delightful meal! Every dish she served was appetising not only to our eyes, but to our palate! Truly an unforgettable gastronomic experience with friends.
Josie W

Cecilia C.

It's the second time visiting Amelia and the foods are just so yummy! Amazed by the effort and innovation she put on designing the dishes. We enjoyed the foods, conversation and environment so much - will definitely visit Amelia again and try out another menu!

Ronnie C.

Incredible first experience with plate culture! Thank you again for the generosity and the superb food and cooking!

Reply from  Hi Ronnie - Would deeply appreciate if you vote for my entry into the Buddha Garden competition on plate culture- thanks!!! Amelia, The Wokabout

Simon A.

We came to Amelia’s place for a birthday celebration. Amelia is a very good host, she put a lot of effort into her dishes and they tasted great with quality ingredients. The roast pork was perfectly cooked, succulent with crisp skin. The setting is lovely and spacious and with nice views of the sea. We would definitely love to go back to Amelia’s place and try more of her food!

Boni L.

This is my second time at Amelia's. Amelia is just so wonderful, full of passion and full of interesting stories. We love her place, her food, her personality! Highly recommended!

Margaret V.

Dining at The Wokabout was a wonderful experience, from the location to the hostess herself. The Chiang Mai Kickbutt Flavour menu truly lives up to its name. Each dish had its own bright & distinct flavours. The menu had a number of meat dishes & is great for all the meat lovers out there. We thoroughly enjoyed each of the dishes Amelia prepared. I felt full by the time I finished the 3rd dish (roasted chicken) but wanted to taste them all. The roasted chicken, pork sparerib & the passionfruit cheesecake were my absolute favourites.
Amelia is a fabulous hostess with great stories of her culinary journey & her extensive travels around the world. Some of the ingredients used in her recipes came from some of those places which makes the food even more authentic. We had a lovely evening in the little oasis of her home and will certainly come back to try Amelia's other Wokabout menus.