Tuong T.

Thuy's Smiley Kitchen

Tuong T. from Vietnam

About the kitchen

Cuisine Type: Vietnamese. You will get to enjoy homemade Vietnamese foods - 5 different dishes, which will be picked of the following list:

1. Spring Roll ( Fruits or Shrimp or Pork) or Fresh Spring Roll
Min: 1 pax

2. Chicken Lagu ( or Beef Vinegar Hotpot)
Min: 4 pax

3. Vietnamese Traditional Pancake ( or Quang style Noodle)
Min: 1 pax ( Pan Cake)
Min: 4 pax ( Quang Style Noodle)

4. Chicken Salad ( Vegetable mix Salad)
Min: 1 pax

5. Clams steamed with lemon grass and Chili ( or Toasted Beef with Lot Leaf)
Min: 1 pax

6. Garlic Fried Rice and traditional fish cooked in fishsauce bowl and sweet sour soup
Min: 4 pax

7. Rice with Steamed Snapper with ginger Hosin Sauce and Sauted Vegetables
Min: 4 pax

8. Rice with Chicken fried with citronella and Tender Beef Fried ( Egg) with bitter Melon
Min: 1 pax

9. Rice with Honey sauce with Chicken Wings
Min: 4 pax

10. Rice and Ribs sour and sweet sauce with vegetables
Min: 1 pax

11. Honey grilled pork or ribs with sauted cabbage pickles
Min: 4 pax

12. Coconut Jelly or Sweet soup
Min: 1 pax

13. Steamed Rice with Tomatoes sautéed fried Tuna
Min: 1 pax

14. Beef or Chicken Pho
Min: 4 pax

15. Steamed squid with basil and ginger chili mix fishsauce
Min: 1 pax

16. Tempura squid with chili
Min: 1 pax

17. Pineapple fried rice with chicken ( shirmp) and vegetables
Min: 2 pax



  1. NameTuong T.
  2. LocationVietnamHồ Chí Minh
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Vietnamese
  1. GuestsMaximum 10
  2. MealsDinner (19:30)
  3. House rulesBring your smile along. You are welcome to help me clean dishes when our dinner finished
  1. Bio

    I'm Thuy, working in a trading company. After a busy working week, I go back home and spend my weekend for cooking to treat my family and reduce my stress. I was born in a family of foodies and great cooks, therefore I have plenty of excellent cooking tips from my mom, grandma and aunties. Cooking is a real art and passion.
    Beside cooking, I also love travelling, making new friends, exchange insights about different cultures.

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