Master Chef Marco

Todobay er mejo de Roma a Hong Kong

Master Chef Marco from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Italian executive chef Marco with thirty years' experience offering Italian cuisine in a warm private kitchen tucked in a high-end residential building in Hong Kong.
We will provide you with high-quality tasting menus for exceptional prices, and give you the possibility to pair them with outstanding Italian wines exclusively selected for you.
We are also available to design a customized menu according to your requests.

There is Real Italian and Who wish to be Italian... We are Italian.


  1. NameMaster Chef Marco
  2. LocationHong KongKowloon Bay
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, italian
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 30
  2. MealsBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Cooking School with Italian Wine
  3. House rulesBYOB by the guests is allowed and smoking area is provided.
  1. Bio

    Tailor made your party or your cooking class with Authentic Italian Chef

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?



This was my first experience on plate culture and the experience was underwhelming to say the least. While the food was generally good (with a pasta dish that was particularly tasty) the venue did not turn out particularly enjoyable. The ambience was overly casual and just odd. Our host was dressed in shorts and flip flops the whole evening which stood out in such an intimate setting and particularly when the guests have made an effort to dress up for a Friday evening dinner event. I'm sure in a professional kitchen that might be fine it simply didn't make the atmosphere comfortable. The strangest part of the evening was a woman on the couch, 5 feet from me, silently watching Fox News the whole evening while we had our meal. The whole experience makes we wish I had simply gone to a nice restaurant.

Julie T.

Chef Marco made my husband's birthday very special tonight! He was open to accommodating our various diet restrictions and tailor made a very special menu for both of us! We particularly enjoyed the pasta and the veal!

Chef Marco was definitely a joy and it was certainly a pleasure chatting with him about the Italian food culture!!! We had such a fun night chatting and felt very welcomed throughout the whole dinner! We will be back for sure! Thank you for the wonderful night, chefs!

Boni L.

It was a truly authentic Italian dining experience! It was lovely meeting the hosts, the two Marco(s)! They were professional, friendly and had vast knowledge about Italian food and food in general. The apartment was really clean and comfortable. The highlight was the homemade fettuccine Boston lobster and of course the...Tiramisu! They were sooo delicious! We would love to go back and try other menus for sure! Highly recommended!

Sonia W.

Marco's place was clean and cozy and he has a wonderful sense of humour. There were two other sous- chefs making our group of five feel quite special. The food was delicious and fresh with unlimited wine, and my girlfriends loved the tiramisu. However, I thought I had chosen another seafood menu, so I will need to come back for the other one. Since it's a smaller space Marco and team were present throughout the dinner, ( at the open kitchen or sofa) in case this is a proposal surprise or a very private English conversation you may need to put it into consideration. Nonetheless it was a delightful evening and we enjoyed it very much,definitely value for money.

Kenly W.

It was a wonderful learning and dining experience under Chef Marco(s)'s guidance. Time flew by so quickly as Marco cracked a lot of jokes, shared many interesting stories and most importantly, taught us his secret recipes and techniques. My friends and I had such a great time and I will definitely recommend this cooking experience with Chef Marco to others.

joy m.

Great experience for a cozy gathering at Chefs Marcos' place!

Erica L.

Thanks Marco(s) for the lovely dinner!
Experienced and passionated chefs :)
Cozy place :)
Great experience :)

Andrew N.

My first Plate culture experience. I wish the food wasn't so amazing. I wish both Marco and marco weren't so genuine and nice (2 chefs, older Marco and younger marco). I wish the whole experience wasn't so impeccable. But unfortunately, they were. We are still thinking about it long after the meal was over. We left the place completely spoiled. Nothing is or tastes the same anymore. What is real? Why do we exist? what is the meaning of life? How are we supposed to go back to ordinary restaurants? Now, I feel obligated to write my first ever review ever, on anything, in hope to write away my confusion.

Okay, real talk. The place is quaint and comfortable. Chef Marco and Chef marco were very attentive throughout our visit. The food, oh my lord, was some of the freshest and tastiest food I have had in Hong Kong. Everything from the mussels to oysters, to lobsters, was so fresh, we could almost taste the ocean. Flavors were so on point, simple yet complementary. The Tiramisu, my goodness, was a godsend from heaven. Didn't get a chance to use the bathroom, but I am sure it's clean and neat. The Italian music in the background took us back to Rome. I highly recommend this establishment to everyone. Bravo!

Ida L.

The best Italian cuisine in the town.
Marco(s)'s passion in Italian cuisine filled the plates.

Francesco R.

I have enjoyed Marco's Italian cuisine many times in his previous establishments and cant' wait to do it again in a new setting such as his private kitchen! Must not miss his signature Tiramisu as well as all the meat-based dishes.Give it a try and will not be disappointed!

Bella M.

I highly recommended LA CUCINA ITALIANA DI MARCO.His amazing and fabulous chef.

Pietro D.

I think one of the best pure Italian chef in town ! I tried lot of his dishes all is delicious ! Tiramisu I can tell is the best in town!