Deepi T.

Vegetarian Heaven

Deepi T. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

I have been in Hong Kong for more than three years now. My passion towards cooking brings me to PlateCulture where I can make people happy with my food, and there is no special feeling than seeing someone enjoy the food.

Small unique home kitchen with a variety of Indian SPICES. Taste Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian cuisine with a healthy veggie twist which you would have never had.
You can have a different choice, so please let me know what would you like to eat, and I can alter the menu as required (prices may differ). .



  1. NameDeepi T.
  2. LocationHong KongChai Wan
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Hindi
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 6
  2. MealsDinner, Evening Snacks, Lunch (depends on availability)
  3. House rulesBring your own alcohol, Would love to each true way of Indian eating like eating by hands, sitting on floor - have health benefits. Let us know if you are up for it in advance. Mesg for any specific requirement or dish- additional cost may incur
  1. Bio

    I have been in Hong Kong for three years now. I love cooking and have a passion for opening my own restaurant with a garden attached where I can have fresh veggies and serve people. If am not cooking, I like to shop, to the club, talking to my husband and friends. Going for walks :-) Enjoy my food and provide me feedback would love to make changes. Sicne life is all about choices.

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Value for money

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Grace C.

Thanks Deepi and Siva for the great homemade vegetarian dinner tonight. Your food has taught me a new perspective of Northern Indian food. I thought it was delicious but didn't know it could be this good and healthy!! We couldn't have enjoyed it more and your hospitality and caring throughout the dinner was amazing. We'll be back soon with more friends!!

Holly M.

We had a wonderful time at Deepi's vegetarian heaven. Deepi is a passionate chef who puts love and care into every single detail of her dishes. Everything is homemade and all her ingredients are specially bought from India. The food was absolutely delicious. We savoured each bite as every dish was full of different flavours. A favourite was the lentils on rice, though hard to choose as everything was superb. We left happy and extremely full. Definitely plan to go back again sometime.

Reply from  Thank you so much Holly. Will wait for your second round :-)

William K.

We had a brilliant evening. The highlights:
- the food was very fresh and cooked from scratch
- there was an interesting story behind each dish
- genuine Indian food
- our host put a great deal of effort into making the evening enjoyable and pulled out all the stops
- mango lassi
- we went home stuffed!

Reply from  Try next time other dishes William it will be great !

Karthick D.

The Ambiance is simple and nice. Deepika hospitality is well and descent. The food was beautifully cooked, presented and the flavor has remarkable depth. Food was promptly served. It's my third visit and I am delightful to write feedback. Overall, it's fantabulous :) and I do prefer to visit every time when i visit HK :)

Praveen K.

Highly recommended... Out of few pure vegetarian places in town. Heavenly experience

Sharon L.

It was my first time to enjoy dinner at a chef's home, and it was a great experience. The food was amazing and also looked so nice! The flavors and smell of the food made me feel like i was back in India (especially the dessert). The dishes I had (Paneer tikka, daal makhani) were not very spicy, but i'm sure if you prefer more spicy, the chef will gladly accommodate. The bell peppers and masala on the paneer tikka skewers gave it a nice flavor, fresh and tangy at the same time. I was tempted to ask for more, but decided to save my stomach for the food to come.

The daal makhani was filliing and rich in flavor and it was paired nicely with the Indian rice and naan. Perfect dish to warm you up on a cold night.
A note on the naan, it was freshly made and piping hot when served. so good.

I was surprised how much i enjoyed the rice pudding dessert, as i'm not a big fan of sweets. It was milky but the vermicelli and bits of almond and raisins inside gave it a nice crunch, which I really liked. There were also little sugar drops (i believe carmelized sugar) which added to the visual satisfaction and taste.

In terms of timing, the amount of time between serving each dish was a bit longer than I expected, but then it also gave me time to rest and eat more later. You don't need to feel rushed and can enjoy a relaxing dinner.

Vegetarian Heaven is a nice place for you to spend time with your friends in a more intimate environment and enjoy the homemade Indian food. Especially if you have specific dishes you are craving but can't find in any Indian restaurant, this is great option as the menu can be customized to your preference.

Chaz C.

Comfort food indeed! We asked for Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhani and rice pudding with a cup of piping hot masala tea, and the food was every bit as tasty as it looked. Chef and host Deepi guided us through each course and the tangy mint dipping sauce she served with the tikkas was amazing.

Jason C.

A true cultural experience. It started with a warm welcome conversation about the rich Indian culture. Then came the starters, well plated. The aroma of the spices were inviting. Then the main course was Indian bread and some rice with lentils. Food was a bit spicy (for a non-indian tongue), but the balance was perfect. Last but not least was the dessert, it tasted heavenly. Absolutely perfect level of sweetness. Not too overpowering flavors.
Could improve on the plating of desert, it would enhance the overall experience.

Siva R.

The food was great. Very traditional variety of homely Indian food. Perfect blend of spices and evenly balanced.
Food was not too heavy and not to light. Liked the mixed lentil Dhal. It had a beautiful aroma of "coal"-not sure how that came up considering that it was cooked in a normal kitchen stove.
Great food, very friendly chef, Great culture sharing experience.

Santosh R.

The food was delicious, being an indian, it is difficult to find stuff like "kotori chat" in other places outside of India. This is very traditional food and was well recreated.