Xavier M.

Xavier's Kitchen ( South of France )

Xavier M. from Singapore


About the kitchen

I cooked my first meal at the age of 12 ,from there I went to culinary school. Mixing my French origins with my passion of Asian food and sharing it with friends around a table filled with relaxed fun and personal stories. My dishes are prepaped with easier methods such as braising, slow cooking, steaming, oven roasting, baking or shallow frying.

Please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance ,
All product are fresh & bought from the market daily .

Private Dinner parties in the comfort of your own home also available.
(Menu from $74 ) Minimum of 6 pax Transportation not included


  1. NameXavier M.
  2. LocationSingaporesingapore
  3. LanguagesEnglish, French
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 6
  2. MealsLunch from 11:30 /Dinner from 6:00
  3. House rulesUpon request (with a charge), the host can pair and provide wines at additional charge for guests. Meal service lasts a maximum of 3 hours. Smoking is allowed in the balcony. Please respect our neighbours & keep noise level to a minimum.
  1. Bio

    I arrived in Singapore 8 years ago with my Singapore wife and our daughter , I cook to make people happy. I love small parties where people can enjoy at their own pace.

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Jennifer L.

Xavier’s food is made with the freshest materials n his experience and passion as chef is evident from the first taste. Although he is French, he is excited by our local and regional ingredients. He weaves these into his recipes in subtle ways that don’t overwhelm but enhances the overall flavour. The atmosphere at the Marions’ place is warm n friendly. I highly recommend Xavier Marion to cook for you.

Olivia P.

Me and my husband are fortunate to have experienced few dining occasions prepared by Chef Xavier at his place; each time is always a delight!! The food never fails to impress us. From the taste to the presentation, whether it is European or Asian food or fusion of both, it is always done in a very professional way. Love it!!!

His latest passion of making freshly baked bread is also something that we can not missed. One day, we “challenged” him to recreate our favourite sticky cinnamon bun and of course, not only he managed to do it well, but also he put his own twist on his sticky bun creation. Bravo!!

Can not wait to have another dining sessions there (which is tomorrow, yeay!!)


A meal in Chef Xavier's kitchen will make u yearn for another visit.

His French dishes are delicious but I can't seem to get over some of his innovative dishes with a twist of Asian flavors that he has put out before us. His squid ink pudding with uni (yes I know it doesn't sound appetizing) melted in my mouth with great flavors. Another dish that had mentaiko sauce drizzled generously over sweet clams and crabs - heavenly ..!! It made me reach out for absolutely anything available to mop up that sauce.. which brings me to Chef Xavier's freshly baked bread !!! For someone who is not a great fan of bread, I was absolutely gorging myself with the delicious crusted, light and flavorful wheat (that took hourssss of slow fermentation)

There is after all nothing better with great food and company in a relaxed and comfortable environment that makes you wish the evenings are longer

Jason M.

Had a great time at Xavier's kitchen. The food was rustic and delicious. Reminded me of the great little French bistros I used to go to when in France. Not all French food needs to be fine dining and we lack great comfortable French casual dining places in Singapore and so this was an absolute delight.
Company was second to none. Great conversations and sharing of experiences made the experience even better.
Topics ranging from local Singapore topics to far flung New York and France kept the laughter up all night.
Highly recommended to all my friends!

Marc  L.

Amazing cuisine prepared by a chef with passion for food. Every dish was thoughtfully prepared and presentation was exquisite! Big thanks to the Chef Xavier for making our visit so special.

Sandra L.

Xavier is passionate about his food and is an innovative chef. He embodies both the traditional and the modern cuisine in his cooking. His traditional french style dishes are excellent yet he also takes on challenges to re-invent tried and tested recipes, giving them an interesting and delightful new take.
Dining in his home is always a pleasant gastronomic surprise. Highly recommended.

Michelle L.

Authentic french cuisine! Exquisite presentation and food tasted as good as it looked. Dinner was amazing and it was like a fine-dining experience (sans the stiff upper-lip stuffiness). Chef Xavier is affable and he had considerately checked in advance for any dietary requirements and preferences.

Ian A.

I have been to chef Xavier's home twice for meals. What I love about his cooking is how he will plan a meal incorporating both classic French cooking and his interpretation of Asian dishes he either learned from family (his mother in law) like 发财好事 during Chinese New Year period and from his travels around Asia (we tasted a wonderful Taiwan mianxian last time ala 阿宗面线 style, it was delicious! Did I also mention he makes great ice creams and sorbets?

Nino M.

Xavier makes very good food! I was invited for a private party where Xavier was cooking in front of us. It was such a very great experience having a professional chef cooking and preparing the food in front of you. Such a luxury! Bonus is - the food is very very very good! We were having a fusion of French & Asian menus (his original recipes), and Xavier nailed them all! Thank you Xavier for making the foodie experience so memorable!

J S K.

Xavier is my favourite chef! He's easygoing, attentive, innovative, creative - for simple home-cooked style meals or 7-course fine dining. Xavier whips up different cuisine and bakes delicious sourdough bread. An indication of his popularity is when my son requested to take away the leftover chicken for lunch the next day. Now, that's endorsement! Highly recommended for an unforgettable experience.

Marco R.

An outstanding French chef and gracious host.
I’ve had the chance to try his amazing traditional French fare, as well as some of his fusion (eg. Chili crab soufflé) and Asian (eg. mee sua). It’s truly great and I vividly recommend him to local diners!

Corinne D.

Xavier prepared an amazing lunch for my husband's 40th birthday. It was as delicious as enjoyable for the view. He masters French and Asian cuisines. And we spent a memorable moment at his place! I would definitely recommend his talent and his kitchen!

Olivier S.

Eating at Xavier’s kitchen is a surprising experience. It is about finding the quality and creativity that you would get in a high end restaurant, but in a home setting.
My wife and I ate there a few times, and Xavier have surprised us not only with his specialty in french food, but also with some local delicacies such as the soft shell crab or even some popiah!